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Download Google News & Weather 3.1.4 (150465541)

Download Google News & Weather 3.1.4 (150465541) | – Pada luang waktu kali ini kami akan menjalankan kerjaan kami sebagai admin untuk memposting artikel apk android yg didalamnya sudah termasuk apk mod dengan kualitas apk yang sangat keren didalam website ente masih Download Apk Mod Google News & Weather 3.1.4 (150465541) secara gratis.

Saya menyarankan agar ente mencoba apk Google News & Weather 3.1.4 (150465541) mod ini, bagi anda yg penasaran dengan apps ini, langsung download aja

Google News & Weather 3.1.4 (150465541)

Your comprehensive and personalized view of headline stories and local news & weather.

• Coverage from 75,000 publications
• Instant-load read experience with AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)
• Headlines carousel: quickly browse headlines, tap to read, swipe to read next
• Simple swipe access to categories such as Top Stories, Technology, Sport and Weather
• Tune your layout with any of 60 country-specific editions, homescreen widgets and personalised news sections such as Hollywood, NASA, Fashion or anything else that takes your fancy
• Tap any story for a broad selection of viewpoints, including in-depth articles, opinions and local perspectives

Download Google News & Weather 3.1.4 (150465541) APK – 5.48 MB

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